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How to find 'lone individuals'?

Mar 21 at 4:06 PM

I'm using v5.3.1.2 Under the 'Gedcom Stats' tab I'm informed that 'Added 3 lone individuals as single families'. Can FTA identify who they are?


Jun 14 at 1:45 AM
All lone individuals will be added as families with the familyID "Solo". If you go to the Families tab, those "Solo" families can easily be found.

There, make a note of the IDs of the individuals (which are shown as either the HusbandID or the WifeID). In V5.3.1.5, double-clicking on a "Solo" family line will not show information about the person - you'll need to go back to the Individuals tab and look for them by IndividualID.

If there is another/better way to do this, I've not found it yet.