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Referral Report generation

I have been researching the family of a possible relative who has now joined LC and I am wishing to provide census references to get him started. The FTA facility is better than I remember from my ...

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Add Irish census reference recognition

See if there is a way to add Irish census reference recognition and support for searching National Archives of Ireland who have the 1901 & 1911 census.

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Suggestion - New Report, Ancestral Surnames

Hi Levva, Would it be possible to generate a list of all ancestral surnames? Another version of this report could show just paternal ancestor surnames or maternal ancestor surnames. Apart from bei...

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Suggestion - New Report

Would it be possible to have a report that rates or scores each person, depending on the facts that are recorded for them? The purpose is to identify individuals where further research can be done...

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Non-Eng/Wal census references/IDs

I have recently discovered ancestors who emigrated to Canada and appear in the Canadian 1881 census but cannot find any instructions in the documentation to help me supply such information appropri...

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Colour Census Report export to Excel

v4.1.1.2 Exporting a UK Colour Census Report to Excel results in a .csv file that also includes columns for US, Irish and Canadian censuses in addition to the columns shown in the Report.

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Suggestion - New Reports :)

Well I think you asked for this!! How about some sort of report where you can select a person and the reports tells you how many offspring/descendants this person has for all the census years? I'...

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Suggestion - Census Tab, replace show map with new Maps gui

The 2 reports Show missing from Census and Show entered on Census, have the ability to display a "Show Location on Map" or "Show location on OS Map" With standardisation of FTA in mind, would it n...

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Minimum Parental Age mis-matches

V3.2.0.0 introduces a user control over "Loose Birth minimum parental age" (via Tools -> Options -> General Settings). The user chosen value is NOT being reflected in the headings on the Data Erro...

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Adding Capital Letters where none exist in GEDCOM

In the Occupations report of FT Analyzer v3.0.2.1, if the occupation has text in parentheses added to indicate missing letters in the original text, FT Analyzer is not respecting the text as given,...

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