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Data errors- error


Checking the data errors I have a whole family referenced, as father aged 90+ when each child was born. All details are correct for the father and states he was born in 1814 and then correctly states each childs year of birth ranging from 1839 to 1850. Can you tell me why it has calculated him as 90+, please?

Thank you
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Levva wrote Feb 27, 2016 at 7:39 PM

You would need to export the family's data as a GEDCOM so I can see what is going on. I can't guess without actually seeing the data.

Levva wrote Jan 31 at 5:39 PM

Without information from the GEDCOM file I cannot fix this issue. If you still want me to look at it please upload a file with just the family in question. Please verify that it shows this error when you load the smaller file.

notonyournelly wrote Apr 18 at 5:55 PM

As Levva wrote, the GEDCOM, or an extract, is necessary to see what is really going on.

My hypothesis is you have a date that FTA can't parse. I.e. the father's birth date is something like "in 1814". This will confuse FTA and could cause these data errors. You will want to revisit the "Gedcom Stats" tab and see if there is a date parsing problem for the father (or children!).

For example, I have a GEDCOM where a person is born in 1812, but their marriage date is recorded as "by 1828". FTA cannot parse the marriage date, so there is a data error of "marriage before aged 13". If "by 1828" is corrected to "1828", FTA will not report the data error. Unfortunately, in my case, "by 1828" does not appear in the "GEDCOM stats" tab as an error ...

wrote Jun 26 at 6:41 PM