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There are 2 reports that you can run from here, Colour BMD Report and Colour Census Report.

For both reports, there are filters so that you can search each type of ancestor separately, or in any combination.

There is a also a surname filter search box, which will then just show those surnames.

Its worth remembering that the 5 Relationship Type filters also work when searching by surname.


The Colour BMD Report

For each person in the report, FTAnalyzer visually shows you using colour, the status of the BMD facts.

The colours and their meanings are


Red The fact has an Unknown Date
Green The fact has an Exact date
Orange The fact has a wide date range
Light Green The fact has an Approximate date
Yellow The fact has a narrow date range
Peach No Marriage fact has been recorded
Light Blue No Partner but a marriage has been recorded
Dark Blue Has a partner but no Marriage fact
Dark Grey No facts recorded



The Colour Census Report

For each person in the report, FTAnalyzer visually shows you using colour, the status of the Census and Lost Cousins facts.

The colours have tooltips which are available when you hover over a colour but are basically :

Red No Census information recorded
Green Census information recorded
orange Lost Cousins fact has been recorded but no census information recorded
Dark Grey Not Alive in that year or outside of the UK
Yellow  Census information recorded but No Lost Cousins Fact recorded

The report should make it easy at a glance to see who you have entered but not yet found on a census and who has been found but not yet tagged as entered onto Lost Cousins website.

In the example below on the 2nd line, you can see that censuses for 1881 through to 1911 have been entered, but a Lost Cousins Fact has not been recorded for 1881 and therefore shows as yellow.  The green box for 1911 however means that the census data and a Lost Cousins Fact has been entered.

Lost Cousins



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