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Introduced with v3.3.0.0 this feature show the facts from your GEDCOM file against a map.

Screen Layout

The screen is divided into three parts - top left a tree of the locations from your GEDCOM, top right a map focused to the location currently selected from the tree and in the lower portion of the screen the facts pertinent to the place selected. The size of each part of the screen may be adjusted via the usual Windows adjusters.

Using the Places Report

In the left pane, click on any country see a map, or click on one of the plus signs to see places included within that country (typically counties/provinces/states) and then click on one of those places. As you navigate deeper into the tree expect to see the map zoom in and to see fewer facts in the lower pane.

In the right map pane, ......


(1) If your file contains locations which have been incorrectly geocoded and you have yet to manually correct them, then in some situations you may see a map covering more than the selected location. See Reviewing the Geocoded Results

(2) If your file contains locations which you have yet to geocode, those paces will appear in the locations on the left but when selected you will be shown a world view and the facts list will be empty. You may have ignored the reminder "You have 99 places with no map location ..." or may hit the daily geocoding limit but couldn't resist looking at this "Places" page.

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