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New Step by Step Guide Available

Part I of the new Family Tree Analyzer guide is now available to download

Installing the software

Installation is simple - Click on the download button on the home page this will download a very small file (if you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer you may need to tell the browser to run the file).

It will then present you with a screen offering to install the application. Clicking Install will install the program and create a shortcut for you. New updates should be installed automatically every time you start the program, so you'll always be up to date and won't have to check for updates.

If you get an error on install it is usually because you don't have the Microsoft .Net 4 Framework installed. This is usually the case on Windows 8 where the often .Net 4.5 is installed instead. In order for the program to be compatible with the older Windows 7 I chose to use .Net 4.0 as this works on both and on XP.

If you are missing Microsoft .Net 4.0 Client Profile it can be downloaded free from Microsoft at and clicking the download link. Once downloaded simply run the file to install.


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