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!FamilySearch Searching (Currently disabled needs update to work with new familysearch website)

This feature allows users to search the IGI with a single button click.
The Marriage search trawls your data looking for missing or approximate marriage dates and then does a search for them on the IGI if they are within valid date ranges.
The Children search uses a little known feature of the IGI to enter the names of parents and to search for all children of those parents. This works exceptionally well in Scotland where almost all records have the wife's maiden name thus making sure you have the right father AND mother of a child is easy. The English records are considerably more difficult and this current version isn't too hot at narrowing down the search. Future versions will attempt to use the Region/County field to narrow the search.

Also note it currently trawls the IGI for every family you have in your tree. Future versions will allow you to filter this to only families who are direct ancestors or blood relatives etc, or who are in a specific location or who have a specific surname.

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