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Family Historian

This program should be fully supported in particular the setting of the root individual is understood and used when the file is loaded.

To add a Lost Cousins Fact perform the following steps,
  1. Use the menu bar command "Tools-Work with Fact sets"
  2. Click the New button
  3. Set the "Fact Name" to "Lost Cousins"
  4. Set the "Fact Set" to "FT Analyser"
  5. Click the "Create" button
  6. Set sentence "Template" to {individual} is recorded at Lost Cousins website for {date:YEAR}
  7. Clear all the "Fields Required" except "Date"
  8. Hit "OK" and then "Close"
then add facts as normal. Note you should just enter the year against the new Lost Cousins fact there is no need to enter a full date. Similarly you should have separate Lost Cousins facts for each Lost Cousins census the person was recorded on. Each fact will have a different year against it.

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