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Suggestion - people alive on a given date

Mar 14 at 2:16 PM
Just downloaded the latest version - thanks!
Here's a suggestion for a future release: how about a feature to find people alive (or likely to have been alive) on a certain date? I think it would be an extension of the Census tab - Show Missing from Census button, but allowing the user to enter a custom date rather than selecting from the list of censuses.
The date I had in mind was the 1642 Protestation, but it would be nice to have it extended to any date:-)
Thanks again!
Mar 14 at 3:37 PM
Actually, I've just discovered the map function, which can be used to do pretty much what I suggested:-)
For anyone else yet to find it, got to Map - Show timeline. If you've not done this before, wait while FTA looks up all the places in your gedcom on google maps. Once it's done, you can scroll back & forth through the timeline, choosing a specific year, and see all the individuals alive & the time located on a map of the earth. Scroll in, select the pointer & click to see their details...